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Welcome to T Stop

Hey There

T Stop is our attempt to walk off the beaten path! 

We have strived to recreate an experience inspired by the words of Baloo from the story Jungle Book:
"Look for the bare necessities..
The simple bare necessities..
Forget about your worries and your strife.."



Our philosophy at T Stop

We discovered T Stop back in 2009 when we were still busy living the city life. Our initial attempts to "civilize" the estate and to apply our corporate thinking failed miserably. Which is when we realized that you don't need to fix something that isn't broken! We have since then learned to follow the natural rhythm of the land, slow down to listen to nature and started observing the limitless wonder in all the plants & animals around us.

The world is changing rapidly around us, it is when we step into the oasis that is T Stop, that we realize how far we have moved away from nature and a natural way of living!

At T Stop, we have questioned many assumptions which we took for granted while living & working in the city. It is a pleasant surprise that we really don't miss the "necessities" and life takes on a new meaning. We discover what the true luxuries are!

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