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The farmstay caters to your creature comforts. The farmstay has been built in three levels to provide easy access to all, keeping in mind the topography of the land.

There is a large open living area for one to take in the views, have a chat with dear ones or just work off a table overlooking the hills, should you wish to.


For children and adults, who love to read or fancy board games, we offer a large library and play area in the attic - our Birdcage as we call it. This is a much- loved spot in the estate, where we have seen children draw, play, sing and read, while the parents find some quiet and peace around them. We also offer a small play area for children.

The Rooms...

Each room has a king -size bed, comes with an attached bath, and splendid views. While the views are unique, so are the baths. You will find each bathroom appointed with a traditional “Bhana”, a copper vessel with a covered fireplace below, where water is heated in the traditional way and stays hot for almost 24 hours.



The Room with a View:

This room is situated within the main house and has a private balcony which looks out to the hills and the forest below. The room is happily situated close to the open living area, which sometimes becomes an extension of your room.




There are two cottages just off the main guesthouse. Each cottage has an attached balcony, a small wading pool next to it and an open shower facing the tropical jungle. The build and design of each cottage assures you with absolute privacy.


Tiny Scenic Garfield by Tenpy


Introducing a new addition at T Stop! We have another scenic cabin that is set up right in front of the lake so that when you wake up and are sipping your morning coffee, you have the magnificent water body to look at and the hills behind it. It's perfect for a family of four with a queen size bed and a loft double bed. For more info check out on Tenpy.


For more details and stories do reach out to us by a simple call or drop us an email and we will get back to you.

While we invite you to our home, there are some home truths which we would want you to bear in mind while planning your stay with us.

We’re not a resort. What we mean when we say this is that we are trying to keep T Stop true to how we found it – the natural beauty of the place, the flora/fauna, contours, landscape, pathways, streams, etc – the core reasons we liked it in the first place! Even as we seek to open up our farm and make it comfortable for guests, we try and walk the tightrope between that and disturbing or changing as little as we can.

We’re amidst nature. This includes trees of various kinds, moths, birds, bees, frogs, spiders and insects of many hues all around, snakes out there in the estate and other animals in the jungle! These creatures own the space just like we do, and unless threatened, do not seek to harm us. We avoid city-style pest control and bug spraying. There are meshes and regular cleaning to keep your room clean and safe. However, quite like in the city and in traffic, there are sensible ‘rules’ to follow around the estates, farms and forests, and once you transcend the teeny fears that we all have, we will see that it’s  a beautiful, connected world out there that’s alive and vibrant!  We have all grown too used to extremely sterile places in the city, let’s reconnect with nature.

Question Needs. We do have some backup power, but sometimes the power outages in places like Theralu can last for days altogether. We do have a generator but we use this only if it’s critical. There are numerous lights, but it’s nicer to use just what’s needed. Sometimes it’s easier to catch the afternoon breeze through an open window, and not be worried about the lack of air conditioning or an odd moth flying in. We use firewood to heat up hot water for a bath - while we have plenty of firewood and water - do use only what you need. We have mobile connectivity only in certain parts of the estate and there is WiFi in the main home, it is not a 24x7 connected life in Theralu. Part of the beauty in places like T Stop is in the simplicity, and we request you to pause and check your assumptions about what’s necessary, what’s a must have, and what luxury actually could mean.


   Come, experience the simple joys of life with us and you will discover that there is truth in the age old saying that, “there is more in less”!

Some home truths

Find Us Here

T Stop will be extremely delighted to offer you and your family a warm welcome & trust us, your stay with us will be both enjoyable and comfortable...

See you soon!


Your Stay @ T Stop

T Stop  is a happy place. It can be a place where the solo traveler finds time for reflection, or where friends gather and make merry, or a place where children can leave their gadgets behind and soak in nature. We cater to all your food requirements by providing simple, home-made local and Konkani fare, with innumerable cups of coffee and conversations in between. The dining area is close to the kitchen. This is where we spend our days and evenings. The evenings are often lit up with bonfires by the dining area.

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